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who we are

creating a world where everyone is included

The Inclusive Organisation Group

We are The Inclusive Organisation Group and together are on a mission to create a world where everyone is included. We have identified the tangible levers in organisations that should you move them in the right direction, you will not only create an inclusive organisation for your people, customers, partners, and community - but also reap the human capital, financial, and legislative benefits of diversity. 

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Whether you’re after a keynote speaker for an auditorium full of guests or a workshop for a small group, you are guaranteed an event to be remembered with Dr Elizabeth Shoesmith.

We are the charity arm of The Inclusive Organisation Group, and our focus is to work on social good programs that make a real difference for under represented and underemployed people.

Equip yourself and your people with real and practical outcome-focussed skills, knowledge, tools and behaviours to transform your organisation and make inclusion business-as-usual.

Before developing your diversity and inclusion strategy and plan, uncover exactly what your organisation needs to do better for your employees, customers, partners, and community. 

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